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Cooking With Kids: Teaching Them Valuable Life Skills

Too many cooks in the kitchen can seem problematic. There are advantages to cooking with people, particularly when those people that help you cook are your own children. Getting your kids involved in the kitchen helps them in so many ways. It allows you to spend time together and also to teach them some important skills that will be useful in their lives such as cooking, cleaning, measuring, and most of all enjoyment.

It is fun to spend time with your kids in the kitchen. The first step is to choose a recipe that is easy if the children are younger, or that tastes good. Being able to sample food at different steps in the cooking process makes cooking especially tasty. When a child is involved in cooking, a couple of things happen. A child gains an appreciation for the food you are cooking and more than likely will be more willing to eat it because they helped cook it. Also, it teaches them a life skill that will be practical when they move away from home.

Another practical skill that is taught when a child helps in the kitchen is the ability to clean up. They learn that cooking is only part of what happens in the kitchen. Cleaning up as you cook decreases the amount of washing after the meal is done. Kids can see just how much time and effort go into preparing for a meal and thus will gain a greater appreciation of eating at home. When they eat out, it will also help them appreciate the waiter and all the behind the scenes people and help them understand why people leave tips or gratuity.

Cooking also helps teach some important math skills. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and other math savvy knowledge is learned in a practical and hands on manner that will make the skill a subtle one. The kids may not realize that they are multiplying when you ask how many cups you need if you are doubling a recipe. This is especially helpful when learning how to add fractions. Everything is visually displayed as well as physically handled, so the lessons tend to work for those that are kinesthetic or visual learners, but these are not the only learning types that benefit from time spent in the kitchen.

Overall, cooking with kids is fun and enjoyable. It allows you time to talk and keep up with what is happening in their lives, but it also teaches them some important skills that will benefit long after they leave home.


Kitchen Mixers Can Make You or Break You in the Kitchen

Of all the kitchen appliances I have in my kitchen currently, I would have to say that my stand mixer is the one I cannot live without. There are plenty of stand mixers out there, some more professional than others, but the hard core stand mixer I own cannot be stopped. In fact, it is the same stand mixer my grandmother received for her wedding. Some fifty years later, the stand mixer still works and will work circles around any contemporary mixer.

I own a Kitchenaid, and would tell anyone to research the products heavily before deciding on a mixer. Yes, the price on some stand mixers are a little steep, but as you can see, I have a fifty year old mixer, so price is relative. There are stand mixers that come with a large bowl and additional attachments, mostly a whisk, a paddle, and a dough hook, for those moments when you want fresh baked bread. The whisk will beat every potato you have in the household into submission, and create the most airy, fluffy and lump free mashed potatoes anyone could ever imagine. If you need lump free batters, then the paddle will be your best friend, and the dough hook is the most divine creation ever, particularly when you are dealing with stickier doughs, such as pizza or bread.

A nice thing about having a stand mixer in the house, whatever brand you choose, is that there are so many other attachments for your stand mixer, which can make you a one person bakery and restaurant, ready to deliver fantastic meals. If you need the best organic pasta, you have pasta roller and slicer available which can make you an Italian cuisine expert in moments. Is sausage more your style? There's an attachment for grinding and stuffing packaging so you can make your own kielbasas and andoulis. Have more of a sweet tooth? The ice cream maker attachment is for you!

There are very few drawbacks to owning a stand mixer. I know with mine, the only drawback would be weight, as some stand mixers can be hefty. However, appliance manufacturers are addressing this issue by creating an array of colors to coordinate your mixer with your kitchen, so you don't have to move it at all. Some may say that another drawback is trying to get ingredients into the bowl, but that is why there is tilt head stand mixers, which allow you lift the appliance and gain better access to the bowl.

Some manufacturers offer over twenty different colors in their stand mixers, while some go for a more vintage look of chrome and copper. While owning a brightly colored mixer may be fine now for your brightly colored kitchen, keep in mind that most stand mixers have incredible longevity, so twenty, thirty years from now, you could still be using that neon orange mixer in your very neutral colored kitchen. Do you really want a neon orange mixer on your counter thirty years from now? Color seems more of a debate to make on your mixer, rather than the price.

With someone just starting out in the domestic world of the kitchen, a more expensive stand mixer may not be the best idea. Particularly if they are unsure if they even want to be a cooking goddess. It would probably be more appropriate to give a gift of a less expensive mixer, unless you are one that swears by a certain brand and insist that everyone has that brand and model. We all have those family members and friends who are like that, so it's best to just go with it.


Stainless Steel Cooking Pots

Cookware is important, especially for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Would you believe that cookware has a significant impact on how the food will actually taste? Many people do not realize this, and there are actually quite a few options out there when it comes to finding the right cookware. Stainless steel cooking pots have several advantages that you might take into account, for instance they are extremely durable which makes them resistant to scratches, dings, and dents. This alone will ensure that you have a great set of stainless pots for many years to come.

The appearance of stainless steel cooking pots is another reason that many people will seek them out. The surface is sleep and easy to clean which means an absolute minimal amount of cleaning will produce sparkling, shining pans no matter how long or how often you actually use them.

The composition of these pans actually helps quite a bit in the creation of food as stainless steel cookware does not actually react with acids or alkaline foods. In many other pans, the chemicals would react with the pan, thereby causing corrosion and other adverse affects. This would be a serious problem and would contribute to the death of your cookware. This feature will allow you to cook virtually anything in your pans with no fear!

The price is another point that many people can agree on as a positive point for the purchase of stainless steel cooking pots. They are much cheaper than Teflon or cast iron which means you can have more pans on hand than you would otherwise. Because of this most will state that these cooking pots are the best possible option in the kitchen.

As you can see, there is plenty of reason to try out stainless steel cookware if you haven't already. These pots and pans come in a number of different forms whether you need a basic sauce pan or a large scale cooking pot. You have plenty of choices and before you know it you will have built a huge collection of cookware - especially considering the price! Now would be a great time to start looking for new pots and pans. You always have the option of buying used of course, but that doesn't mean you should. If possible, buy new and make sure that you shop online for the best possible deals.

Before you know it you'll be cooking and enjoying food made in your stainless steel pans and even enjoying those meals with your family. The time has come to reconstruct your pan collection in the name of stainless steel.


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